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Newsroom 2018

July 12, 2018
Media Advisory: Proponent and Opponent Groups Selected for 2018 Referendum on Electoral Reform

July 9, 2018
Media Advisory: 2018 Kelowna West By-election Report Available

July 9, 2018
Media Advisory – 2018 Cariboo Regional District Disclosure Statements Available

July 5, 2018
Media Advisory: Initiative to Cancel the Site C Dam Project – Signature Thresholds and Proponent Expenses Limit Established

July 3, 2018
Media Advisory: Initiative Petition Issued by Chief Electoral Officer

June 22, 2018
Media Advisory: Official Proponent and Opponent Selection Process Established for Electoral Reform Referendum

May 28, 2018
Media Advisory: 2018 Queen Charlotte Sewer Treatment Facility Non-Election Assent Voting Disclosure Statements Available

May 28, 2018
Media Advisory: 2018 Port Alice By-Election Disclosure Statements Available

May 17, 2018
Media Advisory: 2018 Kelowna West By-election Financing Reports Available

May 8, 2018
Media Advisory: 2018 BC Liberal Party Leadership Contestant Financing Reports Available

May 7, 2018
Chief Electoral Officer Recommends Election Act Changes

May 3, 2018
Application Approved For Initiative Petition To Cancel The Site C Dam Project

May 1, 2018
Media Advisory: Expense Limits for the 2018 General Local Elections Available

April 23, 2018
Media Advisory: 2018 Burns Lake and Hudson’s Hope By-elections Disclosure Statements Available

April 9, 2018
Media Advisory: 2017 Annual Financial Reports Available

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