2022 General Local Elections

The 2022 General Local Elections are on October 15, 2022.

Elections BC administers campaign financing, disclosure and election advertising rules under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act. Elections BC does not administer voting, counting or results reporting at the local level.

For questions about when, where and how to vote, refer to your local jurisdiction.

Election advertising is prohibited on General Voting Day, Saturday, October 15. This includes:

  • newspaper, television and radio advertising
  • internet and social media advertising
  • automated phone calls or text messages to promote or oppose candidates or elector organizations

Activities that are permitted on General Voting Day include:

  • making social media posts that do not have a placement cost
  • advertisements with the sole purpose of encouraging voters to vote in the election
  • in-person campaigning such as door-to-door canvassing or handing out brochures

For more information, read our Election Advertising Rules for General Voting Day Quick Reference Sheet.

The Local Government Act restricts campaigning or election advertising within 100 metres of a voting place. Questions about the 100 metre rule should be directed to local jurisdictions.

Candidates and third party advertising sponsors

Elections BC maintains a list of candidate nominations for the 2022 General Local Elections with information provided by local jurisdictions and a list of third party sponsors currently registered in relation to the 2022 General Local Elections. These lists are updated on an ongoing basis.

Communications Guidelines for Local Government Communicators

Election advertising rules for the 2022 General Local Elections are now in effect. Local government communicators should be aware of the rules to ensure their communications do not constitute election advertising. See the guidelines below and contact us with any questions.

Key information for candidates

Elections BC does not administer the candidate nomination process for local elections. To contact your Local Chief Election Officer, search for the name of your local government or school board (city, regional district, municipality, school board, etc.) on CivicInfo BC’s Organizations page.

Key information for elector organizations

Elector organizations must register by August 2, 2022 to endorse candidates in the 2022 General Local Elections. See the registration forms here and contact us with any questions.

Key information for third party advertising sponsors

Advertising rules for third parties are now in effect. For more details, visit the Local Third Party Advertising Rules page.

Who does what in local elections

Unlike provincial elections, local government and school board elections in B.C. are not run by one single entity. Elections BC is one of several authorities that play a role in general local elections, by-elections and assent voting.

If you have questions about… Contact…
Voting and ballots Local Chief Election Officers
Nomination process Local Chief Election Officers
Advertising rules Elections BC
Campaign financing and disclosure rules Elections BC
Registration of elector organizations Elections BC
School trustees/school board elections Ministry of Education
Legislation for local elections Ministry of Municipal Affairs