New Contribution Limits for 2024

In accordance with the Election Act, Recall and Initiative Act and Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, Elections BC has calculated and adjusted contribution limits for 2024.

Type of Contribution2024 Contribution Limit
Provincial Political Contributions$1,450.82*
Provincial Sponsorship Contributions$1,450.82
Recall Contributions$1,450.82
Local Campaign Contributions$1,370.68
Local Sponsorship Contributions$1,370.68

*The provincial political contribution limit does not include fees of up to $410 paid to attend a leadership convention or other convention of a political party. It also does not include money for personal election and personal nomination expenses that result in a contribution from the candidate or contestant.

Use the links in the table above to learn more about each contribution type and to see previous years’ contribution limits.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:

Electoral Finance
Elections BC