Provincial Maps

The digital and printable electoral maps below depict the electoral district boundaries established by the last electoral boundaries commission in 2023. 

Map Format Date Summary
British Columbia Electoral District Explorer (BCEDE) Digital Current Explore the electoral boundaries used in the 2017 Provincial General Election and the electoral boundaries for the 2024 Provincial General Election through an HTML5 supported browser.
Wall Map of Electoral Districts Printable Current A large, two-sided provincial map showing all 93 electoral districts, as well as selected areas of the province.
Electoral District Maps Printable Current Small maps each showing a single electoral district.
Voting Area Maps Printable Current Large, detailed maps showing the voting area boundaries within each electoral district.
Electoral Districts in First General Election for British Columbia, 1871 Printable Historical Historical map showing B.C.’s electoral districts when the province joined Confederation.


Our 2023 Location Index also provides an index of locations (municipalities, communities, post-secondary campuses, hospitals, etc.) in B.C. to help election official determine which electoral district voters live in.  The index is sorted by location name and electoral district.

For previously used maps and products, including those created from the 1989, 1999, and 2008 Redistributions, contact Elections BC.

GIS Spatial Data

Spatial data for electoral boundaries is available through DataBC’s Data Warehouse. For a complete listing of available datasets, including shape files, kml files and conversion tables, please visit Elections BC’s page within the Data Catalogue.

Note: Elections BC does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of spatial data when used in conjunction with other spatial data. The GIS spatial data files should not be used to determine a voter’s electoral district or voting area.