New Electoral Districts for B.C.’s Next Election

February 20, 2024

VICTORIA – Voters have a new way to learn about their new electoral district for British Columbia’s next provincial election, scheduled for October 19, 2024.

By entering their address at, voters can find the name and boundaries of their new district. The new districts will come into effect once the next election is called, scheduled for September 21, 2024.

Elections BC is also mailing a brochure to every residential address in B.C. with a map of the new electoral districts in their region. Voters can expect to receive theirs before the end of March.

“Our focus at Elections BC is to prepare voters for what to expect when they vote later this year,” said Anton Boegman, Chief Electoral Officer of British Columbia. “There will not only be new electoral districts for B.C.’s next provincial election, but there will also be new technology at voting places to make voting faster and easier.”

Electoral districts, also known as ridings or constituencies, are the geographic areas represented by Members of the Legislative Assembly. After every second provincial election, an independent, non-partisan commission is appointed to review B.C.’s provincial electoral districts and make recommendations for change. Recommendations are based on population growth and the need for effective representation throughout the province.

The most recent commission completed its work in April 2023. The Legislative Assembly accepted all of the commission’s recommendations for change, including the creation of six additional districts in high-growth areas of the province, and changes to the boundaries of 72 districts. There will be 93 electoral districts for the next provincial election, up from 87.

Knowing your electoral district makes voting easier because your district determines your candidates and nearest voting places.

Voters can also prepare for the election by making sure their voter registration is up to date, and learning about the modernized voting procedures at voting places.

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Andrew Watson
Senior Director, Communications
Elections BC
Phone: 250-387-1709

Elections BC is the independent, non-partisan Office of the Legislature responsible for administering electoral processes in British Columbia under provincial legislation, including the Election Act, Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, Recall and Initiative Act and Referendum Act.