Voting Modernization

B.C.’s next provincial election (scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2024) will be the first general election conducted under the modernized Election Act. New technology will be used to administer the election, making voting faster and easier.

The changes include using electronic tabulators to count paper ballots and laptops to look up voters and cross them off the voters list.

The new technology was used successfully in B.C.’s last four provincial by-elections. It has also been used in other provincial elections in Canada, and in municipal elections in B.C. These changes reduce lineups at voting places and make results reporting faster on election night.

The changes do not include online voting or using electronic voting machines.

What will these changes look like when voting in person?

Reduced line-ups

  • You will be served on a first-come, first-served basis, reducing line-ups and wait times.

Hand-marked paper ballots

  • You will still mark a paper ballot by hand to cast your vote, but instead of dropping the ballot in a box, you will feed it into a tabulator for counting. (Your paper ballot will be kept in case of a recount).

One person, one vote

  • Once you have voted, election officials will strike your name off the voters list electronically. This lets other voting places know who has voted so no one can vote twice.

Faster results

  • After voting closes, election officials will report results quickly by using electronic tabulators to count paper ballots.

Making voting easier!

We’re making these changes to help British Columbians vote. Using technology to administer voting makes our electoral process more efficient and accessible. It also helps us provide better service to voters and report results quickly on election night.