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Democracy Kit

Elections BC has created a Democracy in a Box Activity Kit to help you explore democracy and voting – past and present – in British Columbia. The kit includes fun activities and resources, including supplies for a mock election, election trivia cards, a map to explore B.C.’s electoral districts, and a timeline to learn about the history of voting rights in B.C. The kit is free and includes everything students and classrooms need to hold a mock election and begin exploring democracy and voting.

Primary and intermediate-level resources:

Secondary and continuing education-level resources:

How do I request a kit?

Thank you for your interest in our Democracy in a Box Kit.

To request a kit, please email and let us know:

  • if you would like the primary and intermediate-level kit (kindergarten to grade 7) or the secondary and continuing education-level kit (grade 8 to adult), 
  • your mailing address, and
  • a phone number you can be reached at (optional)

Any information you provide will be considered business contact information, and will only be used to send you a Democracy in a Box kit. 

We will be in touch to confirm your order as soon as possible.

Who is the kit for?

The kit is designed for students in a classroom setting, but could also be used by community groups, families, or anyone looking to start a conversation about democracy and voting. It includes activities for all ages – from child to adult.

There are two versions of the kit: one is designed for primary and intermediate-level learners (kindergarten to grade 7), while the other is for secondary and continuing education-level learners (grade 8 to adult). For teachers using the kit, the activity booklets identify curricular connections in Social Studies for each activity, including big ideas and curricular competencies.

Do the activities work in an online/remote setting?

Yes! The kit is meant to be used by a group in-person, but some of its activities can be done virtually (like the trivia game). Facilitators can order the kit and host the activities online with their group. Participants can view and print several of the items online, including the activity booklet, resource booklet, trivia cards and historical timeline.

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