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Initiative to Allow Voluntary Formation of Twenty Charter Schools

Petition status: The petition contains insufficient signatures to proceed further in the initiative petition process.

Initiative petition number: IP-2019-001
Initiative petition title: Initiative to Allow Voluntary Formation of Twenty Charter Schools
Initiative petition summary: The draft Bill proposes legislation that would allow the voluntary formation of charter schools. The proposed Bill is titled “Allow the Voluntary Formation of Up To Twenty Public Charter Schools Revision Of The School Act.” If enacted, the proposed Bill would revise the BC School Act to allow the establishment of charter schools in BC. The draft Bill proposes that a person or society could apply to the Minister of Education to establish a charter school with a particular teaching philosophy, vision and purpose with goals and measurable outcomes. The legislation would allow the Minister to approve a charter which is not based on a religious faith, is operated by the society named in the charter, and is operated in accordance with the charter approved by the Minister. The charter must also include a number of other criteria. These include learning outcomes of students, the operating period of the school, the name of the society that will operate the school, and the grades of the students. A charter school will operate under a society incorporated under the Societies Act. The society would oversee the facilities and employ a principal who would supervise the teachers, other staff members, and students.
Proponent: Robert Harvey Bray
422 – 1434 Ironwood Street
Campbell River, B.C., V9W 5T5
Proponent financial agent: Robert Harvey Bray
422 – 1434 Ironwood Street
Campbell River, B.C., V9W 5T5
Petition issue date: August 19, 2019
Petition due date: November 18, 2019
Electoral district thresholds: Electoral district thresholds (PDF)
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limits for proponent:
Opponent registration application deadline: July 22, 2019
opponents/opponent groups:
Opponent financial agents: None
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Initiative advertising sponsor expenses limit: $5,000
Financial filing deadline: December 16, 2019
News releases: Application approved for initiative petition to allow voluntary formation of twenty charter schools
Initiative Petition Issued by Chief Electoral Officer
Initiative application: Application for Initiative Petition
Draft Bill: Allow the Voluntary Formation of up to Twenty Public Charter Schools Revision of the School Act
Public notice: Public Notice – Recall and Initiative Act
Links: Guide to the Initiative Process
Guide to Initiative Communications
Initiative Petition Canvasser Guide
Media Obligations for Initiative Petitions and Votes
Recall and Initiative Act
Initiative FAQs
Approved Canvassers:
Initiative Petition Approved Canvasser Listing for IP-2019-001 (PDF)