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2020 Provincial General Election

The 2020 Provincial General Election was held on Saturday, October 24. The writs of election for every electoral district except West Vancouver-Sea to Sky were returned by November 17. The results in West Vancouver-Sea to Sky were subject to a judicial recount, which was completed on November 17. The writ for West Vancouver-Sea to Sky was returned on November 20.

All provincial elections are historic, but the 2020 election was unique in many ways. It was the first provincial election in B.C. held during a pandemic, and the first time that the number of voters voting before Election Day was higher than the number of voters who voted on Election Day. An unprecedented 596,287 voters voted by mail in 2020, a massive increase from the 6,517 voters who voted by mail in the 2017 provincial election. Voter turnout is estimated at 54.5% of registered voters.

To ensure a safe election during the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with the Office of the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafeBC to put in place protective measures and safety plans.

While voting, counting, and results reporting are complete, there are many things Elections BC still needs to do to finish administering the election. These include processing voter registrations, reviewing processes and procedures to improve services for voters, receiving and reviewing financial reports from political participants, and publishing the Chief Electoral Officer’s report on the election that will cover all aspects of its administration in detail.

All political parties, candidates and third party advertising sponsors were required file election financing reports with Elections BC by January 22, 2021. These reports are available here. Reports for late filers and filers granted an extension were due by February 22, 2021 and are available here.

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