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Local Elections Candidates

Candidate nominations

Elections BC does not administer candidate nominations for local elections in B.C. The nomination period for the 2018 General Local Elections is September 4 to 14, 2018. For information about becoming a candidate in a local election, contact the local Chief Election Officer.

Candidates in the 2018 General Local Elections:

  • Can only accept campaign contributions from someone who is a resident of B.C. and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
    • Contributions are limited to $1,200 per year per campaign to an unendorsed candidate or $1,200 in total to each campaign of an elector organization and its endorsed candidates.
  • Must not spend more than the expense limits.
  • Must file a disclosure statement with Elections BC by January 18, 2019.

2018 General Local Elections – Candidates

Candidate nominations for the 2018 General Local Elections closed at 4 p.m. on September 14, 2018. As Elections BC receives information about candidates from local jurisdictions it is published and updated daily. A final list of candidates will be available the week of September 17, 2018.


For a list of candidates disqualified from seeking office until after the 2018 General Local Elections, click here.