Local Third Party Advertising Sponsors

Third party advertising sponsors must follow the election advertising rules outlined in the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

Third party advertising is any election advertising published during a pre-campaign period or campaign period that is not sponsored by a candidate or elector organization.

Key Resources for local third party advertising sponsors

List of third party advertising sponsors

Elections BC maintains a list of third party sponsors currently registered in relation to the 2022 General Local Elections. The list is updated on an ongoing basis and is available at the link below.

For third party advertising sponsors registered in local by-elections, see the Local By-elections page

Other requirements

Third party advertising sponsors in local elections must:

  • register with Elections BC before conducting any advertising,
  • include their name and contact information on all advertising,
  • be independent and not sponsor advertising on behalf of, or together with, a candidate or elector organization,
  • not spend more than the expense limits, and
  • file a disclosure statement.

Campaign and assent voting communications transmitted before the pre-campaign period are not election advertising. These activities are allowed and do not require sponsorship information.

For more information see our Forms, Guides, and Third Party Expense Limits pages, or our factsheet on the history of local third party advertising in B.C.

If you have questions, contact us at electoral.finance@elections.bc.ca or 1-800-661-8683, or watch our Local Elections Third Party Sponsors Information Session video.