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Third Party Expense Limits

There are two types of expense limits for third party sponsors.

Directed advertising expense limits

Directed advertising expense limits are specific to an election area and apply to advertising about a candidate or elector organization. View directed advertising limits in the table below or download the limits here: PDF | CSV

Cumulative advertising limit

The cumulative advertising expense limit is $150,000.00 and applies to directed and issue advertising in all election areas. The total value of advertising sponsored cannot exceed this limit.

Both limits applied during the campaign period for the 2018 General Local Elections, September 22, 2018 to October 20, 2018. They also apply to all subsequent by-elections.

If you plan to conduct directed advertising in multiple election areas, or share directed advertising with other third party sponsors, contact the Local Elections Campaign Financing team at Elections BC.

Directed Advertising Expense Limits