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Local Third Party Advertising Sponsors

A local elections third party advertising sponsor is an individual or organization that conducts election advertising independently from any candidate or elector organization.

Local elections third party advertising includes advertising for or against a candidate or elector organization, and/or advertising on an issue, such as funding for a local recreation centre or preserving parkland.

Advertising conducted for assent voting held separately from a local election is called non-election assent voting advertising.

There are new campaign financing rules for third party advertising sponsors in the 2018 General Local Elections. The new rules are summarized in this bulletin (PDF).

For more information about the rules, visit our Local Elections FAQs page.

Elections BC helps advertising sponsors understand the rules under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act. Among other requirements, advertising sponsors must:

  • Register with Elections BC before conducting any advertising.
  • Include sponsorship information on third party advertising. Sponsorship information includes:
    • the sponsor’s name,
    • a B.C. phone number, B.C. mailing address or an email address,
    • the words “authorized by”, and
    • the words “registered sponsor under LECFA”.
  • File a disclosure statement with Elections BC within 90 days after General Voting Day.


2018 General Local Elections – Guide for Local Elections Third Party Sponsors in B.C.

2018 General Local Elections – Third Party Sponsor Disclosure Statement Forms

Expense limits apply to the 2018 General Local Elections. Expense limits, established by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Ministry of Education, will be available by April 30, 2018. An expense limits look-up tool will be published on our website when the limits are available.

Tools for advertising sponsors in local events held before the 2018 General Local Elections

The forms and guides linked to below apply to local elections and non-election assent voting held before the 2018 General Local Elections. The campaign financing rules for these events are different from the rules for the 2018 General Local Elections. For forms and guides for third party advertising sponsors in the 2018 General Local Elections, click here.

Local Election Third Party Advertising Sponsors

Non-election Assent Voting Advertising Sponsors