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Local Elections Candidates

Expense limits for the 2018 General Local Elections are now available. Click to look up expense limits for candidates or third parties using our online tool.

Guide to Local Elections Campaign Financing in B.C. for Candidates and their Financial Agents

A local elections candidate is someone seeking election as a mayor, councillor, electoral area director, board of education trustee, Islands Trust trustee, park board commissioner, park board member, advisory council member, regional trustee or local community commissioner.

There are new campaign financing rules for candidates in the 2018 General Local Elections. The new rules are summarized in this bulletin (PDF).

A comprehensive guide to the rules is linked to below, as are the candidate campaign financing disclosure statement forms. All candidates must open a separate campaign account, use it for all financial transactions, and file a disclosure statement with Elections BC within 90 days after General Voting Day. If you have difficulty opening a campaign account at a savings institution, click here for a letter you can take to the institution that explains the legislated requirement.

If you have questions about the campaign financing rules under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, visit our Local Elections FAQs page or contact Elections BC at 1-855-952-0280 or

For a list of candidates disqualified from seeking office until after the 2018 General Local Elections, click here.

For information about becoming a candidate in a local election, contact the local Chief Election Officer.

Tools for candidates in local by-elections held before the 2018 General Local Elections

The forms, guides and training content linked to below apply to local elections held before the 2018 General Local Elections. The campaign financing rules for these elections are different from the rules for the 2018 General Local Elections. For forms and guides for candidates in the 2018 General Local Elections, click here.