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2017 Provincial General Election

Where to vote in the 2017 Provincial General Election

Where to Vote

All voters can vote at any voting place in B.C. Use our Where to Vote application to find your assigned voting place or voting places close to you.

Find out where you can vote by:

  • Using our Where to Vote application
  • Using the list of advance or general voting places below
    • Advance voting places PDF | CSV
    • General voting places PDF | CSV
  • Looking for your Where to Vote card in the mail (after April 19)
  • Contacting Elections BC

Voting places

All voters have an assigned voting place for General Voting Day. Usually it is faster and easier to vote at your assigned voting place, but you don’t have to vote there if another voting opportunity is more convenient for you.

If you vote at an advance voting opportunity outside your electoral district, or at a general voting place that is not your assigned voting place on General Voting Day, your ballot will be put into a certification envelope.