How to Mark your Write-in Ballot

To mark your write-in ballot, you must write the name of the party or candidate of your choice clearly in the space provided. Spelling mistakes are not grounds for rejecting a write-in ballot as long as the intention of the voter is clear. Make sure you write the name of a party or candidate running in your electoral district or your vote will not be counted. A vote for a party leader will not be counted unless they are a candidate in your electoral district. Your electoral district is shown on the certification envelope included in your vote-by-mail package (see sample below).

You can find a list of confirmed candidates on our Candidate List page.

Follow the instructions in your vote-by-mail package or download the instructions (PDF).

Watch our video on how to vote-by-mail during the 2020 Provincial General Election.

Voters should return their vote-by-mail package in person to make sure it is received by the deadline. Completed vote-by-mail packages must be received by Elections BC before 8 p.m. (Pacific time) on Saturday, October 24.

Example write-in ballot

Example certification envelope. The voter’s electoral district is highlighted in the bottom right.