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Accessing The Voters List

Under the Election Act, registered political parties, Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), candidates for provincial election, and recall proponents are allowed to use the voters list to communicate with voters.

Anyone who wishes to inspect, or obtain a copy of, a record under the Election Act that contains personal information (including a voters list) must first file a privacy policy with Elections BC that is acceptable to the Chief Electoral Officer. Visit the Privacy page for more information.

MLAs and registered political parties may request copies of the voters list at any time. Requests must be in writing and directed to:

Voter Services
Elections BC
Phone: 250-356-9325
Toll-free: 1-800-661-8683

The voters list for political parties and MLAs is produced twice a year: in May and November.

During a provincial election, each candidate receives one electronic copy of the voters list. If a candidate is unable to use the electronic copy, the district electoral officer will provide a printed copy. Candidates receive the voters list only for their respective electoral district. On Return Day (the fiftieth day after the election is called), candidates must destroy all copies of the voters list or return them to Elections BC for secure destruction.

Recall proponents are provided a copy of the voters list when their recall petition is issued. As with provincial candidates for election, recall proponents will only receive a voters list for their respective electoral district and may only use the list for recall purposes.

Candidates for local elections must contact their local government to obtain a copy of the appropriate local government voters list. More information about local elections can be found here.