Referendum Frequently Asked Questions

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After the Referendum


When did voting close in the referendum?

Voting closed at 4:30 p.m. on December 7, 2018.


What happened to my completed voting package?

Referendum Ballot Lifecycle (PDF)

How were the ballots be counted?

All returned voting packages undergo a screening process before the ballot is counted by an electronic tabulator. Tabulators are the most efficient and accurate way to count the referendum ballots.

If the tabulator cannot count a valid vote, referendum officials review the ballot manually and make the final determination about whether to accept or reject the ballot. The tabulators being used are a proven technology and extremely accurate.


Where can I find referendum results?

You can find referendum results here.

Is the referendum binding?


How will the first question be counted?

If more than half the votes support First Past the Post on the first question, the voting system will stay the same. If more than half the votes support proportional representation on the first question, the proportional system with the most support on the second question will be adopted.

How will the second question be counted?

Voters rank the proportional voting systems on the second question in order of preference. If a voting system has more than half the first preferences, that system has the most support and no further counting is needed. Otherwise a second round of counting is required.

In the second round, the system with the least amount of support is eliminated. The second preferences of the voters who had the eliminated system as their first preference will be transferred to the remaining two systems. Whichever system has the most votes after the second round of counting will be the system with the most support.

After the Referendum

What happens if First Past the Post is the preferred system?

The voting system will stay the same.

What happens if a proportional representation voting system is the preferred system?

If the majority of votes support proportional representation on Question 1, the voting system with the most support on Question 2 will be adopted.

If a proportional representation voting system is adopted, government has said that after the referendum:

  • a legislative committee will determine how some aspects of the new system will work
  • an independent electoral boundaries commission will determine the number and boundaries of the electoral districts and regions represented in the legislature
  • the total number of MLAs in the legislature will be between 87 and 95 (currently there are 87)
  • no region in the province will have fewer MLAs than it does now
  • another referendum will be held after two general elections to see if B.C. wants to keep the new voting system or go back to using First Past the Post