Opponent and Proponent Groups

Per the Electoral Reform Referendum 2018 Act and its regulation, the Chief Electoral Officer selected the groups below to be the official proponent and opponent groups for the referendum. $500,000 was distributed to each group to be used for public information campaigns.

Official proponent group:

Name Contact information Financial agent
Vote PR BC www.voteprbc.ca info@voteprbc.ca 1-855-537-3543 Giles Mark Mitchell

Official opponent group:

Name Contact information Financial agent
No BC Proportional Representation Society www.nobcprorep.ca info@nobcprorep.ca 250-589-3566 Bruce Hurst

The campaign period started July 1, 2018 and ended December 7, 2018. Opponent and proponent groups requirements:

  • Include their name and contact information on all advertising
  • Only accept referendum contributions from individuals who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents residing in B.C., and obtain confirmation and consent prior to using the contribution for referendum advertising – sample form (PDF)
  • Limit contributions received from any one eligible individual to $1,200
  • Not spend more than $700,000 on referendum expenses
  • File disclosure reports with Elections BC

Tools for proponent and opponent groups


Registration forms

Contribution disclosure report forms

Financing disclosure report forms