2018 Referendum on Electoral Reform

Referendum Results

Results will be reported once all of the ballots have been tabulated. Ballot tabulation is currently underway. The results of the referendum will be reported within a matter of weeks following the close of voting on December 7.

See interim report on ballot returns.

Report: Voting Packages Received

Voting closed on December 7, 2018. The interim ballot return report will continue to be updated the week of December 10 as ballots received at in person drop-off locations by the deadline are sent to Elections BC in Victoria.

Important dates

Referendum campaign period
Referendum advertising is regulated during this period
July 1, 2018 – November 30, 2018
Voting period
Voting packages are distributed and returned
October 22, 2018 – November 30, 2018
Voting packages mailed to registered voters October 22, 2018 – November 2, 2018
Referendum Service Offices open November 5, 2018
Voters can ask for a voting package November 3, 2018 – November 23, 2018
Deadline to ask for a voting package Midnight, Friday, November 23, 2018
Elections BC must receive your ballot by this deadline 4:30 p.m. (local time), Friday, December 7, 2018