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Referendum Public Funding

The Chief Electoral Officer has selected the official referendum proponent and opponent groups. $500,000 will be distributed to each group to be used for public information campaigns.

Official proponent group:

Name Website Financial agent
Vote PR BC Giles Mark Mitchell

Official opponent group:

Name Website Financial agent
No BC Proportional Representation Society Bruce Hurst

The campaign period is July 1 to November 30, 2018. Opponent and proponent groups must:

  • Include their name and contact information on all advertising
  • Only accept referendum contributions from individuals who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents residing in B.C., and obtain confirmation and consent prior to using the contribution for referendum advertising – sample form (PDF)
  • Limit contributions received from any one eligible individual to $1,200
  • Not spend more than $700,000 on referendum expenses
  • File disclosure reports with Elections BC

Tools for proponent and opponent groups


Registration forms

Contribution disclosure report forms