Candidate List

Candidate nominations are now closed.

The list below is the final list of candidates for each electoral district.

If you request a vote-by-mail package before nominations close, your package may include a write-in ballot. To mark your write-in ballot, you must write the name of the party or candidate of your choice clearly in the space provided. Make sure you write the name of a party or candidate running in your electoral district or your vote will not be counted. A vote for a party leader will not be counted unless they are a candidate in your electoral district.

Your electoral district is shown on the certification envelope included in your vote-by-mail package. If you need help finding your electoral district or candidates, phone Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683.

Search for confirmed candidates in your electoral district below. You can also find the full list of candidates here (Excel).

Abbotsford South 6 Abbotsford South Bruce Banman BC Liberal Party
Abbotsford South 7 Aird Flavelle BC Green Party
Abbotsford South 8 Inder Johal BC NDP
Abbotsford South 9 Laura-Lynn Thompson Christian Heritage Party of B.C.
Abbotsford West 10 Abbotsford West Michael de Jong BC Liberal Party
Abbotsford West 11 Kevin Eastwood BC Green Party
Abbotsford West 12 Sukhi Gill B.C. Vision
Abbotsford West 13 Michael Henshall Conservative
Abbotsford West 14 Preet Rai BC NDP
Abbotsford-Mission 1 Abbotsford-Mission Aeriol Alderking Christian Heritage Party of B.C.
Abbotsford-Mission 2 Pam Alexis BC NDP
Abbotsford-Mission 3 Stephen Fowler BC Green Party
Abbotsford-Mission 4 Simon Gibson BC Liberal Party
Abbotsford-Mission 5 Trevor Hamilton Conservative
Boundary-Similkameen 15 Boundary-Similkameen Arlyn Greig Wexit BC
Boundary-Similkameen 16 Roly Russell BC NDP
Boundary-Similkameen 17 Darryl Seres Conservative
Boundary-Similkameen 18 Petra Veintimilla BC Liberal Party
Burnaby North 29 Burnaby North Raymond Dong BC Liberal Party
Burnaby North 30 Janet Routledge BC NDP
Burnaby North 31 Norine Shim BC Green Party
Burnaby-Deer Lake 19 Burnaby-Deer Lake Glynnis Hoi Sum Chan BC Liberal Party
Burnaby-Deer Lake 20 Mehreen Chaudry BC Green Party
Burnaby-Deer Lake 21 Anne Kang BC NDP
Burnaby-Edmonds 22 Burnaby-Edmonds Tripat Atwal BC Liberal Party
Burnaby-Edmonds 23 Raj Chouhan BC NDP
Burnaby-Edmonds 24 Iqbal Parekh BC Green Party
Burnaby-Lougheed 25 Burnaby-Lougheed Katrina Chen BC NDP
Burnaby-Lougheed 26 Tariq Malik BC Liberal Party
Burnaby-Lougheed 27 Dominique Paynter Libertarian
Burnaby-Lougheed 28 Andrew Williamson BC Green Party
Cariboo North 37 Cariboo North Scott Elliott BC NDP
Cariboo North 38 Douglas Gook BC Green Party
Cariboo North 39 Coralee Oakes BC Liberal Party
Cariboo North 40 Kyle Townsend Conservative
Cariboo-Chilcotin 32 Cariboo-Chilcotin Scott Andrews BC NDP
Cariboo-Chilcotin 33 James Buckley Libertarian
Cariboo-Chilcotin 34 Lorne Doerkson BC Liberal Party
Cariboo-Chilcotin 35 David Laing BC Green Party
Cariboo-Chilcotin 36 Katya Potekhina Independent
Chilliwack 41 Chilliwack Josue Anderson Independent
Chilliwack 42 Andrew Coombes Libertarian
Chilliwack 43 Tim Cooper BC Green Party
Chilliwack 44 Dan Coulter BC NDP
Chilliwack 45 Diane Janzen Conservative
Chilliwack 46 John Martin BC Liberal Party
Chilliwack-Kent 47 Chilliwack-Kent Eli Gagné Libertarian
Chilliwack-Kent 48 Jeff Hammersmark BC Green Party
Chilliwack-Kent 49 Jason Lum Independent
Chilliwack-Kent 50 Kelli Paddon BC NDP
Chilliwack-Kent 51 Laurie Throness BC Liberal Party
Columbia River-Revelstoke 52 Columbia River-Revelstoke Samson Boyer BC Green Party
Columbia River-Revelstoke 53 Nicole Cherlet BC NDP
Columbia River-Revelstoke 54 Doug Clovechok BC Liberal Party
Coquitlam-Burke Mountain 55 Coquitlam-Burke Mountain Adam Bremner-Atkins BC Green Party
Coquitlam-Burke Mountain 56 Fin Donnelly BC NDP
Coquitlam-Burke Mountain 57 Joan Isaacs BC Liberal Party
Coquitlam-Maillardville 58 Coquitlam-Maillardville Will Davis BC Liberal Party
Coquitlam-Maillardville 59 Selina Robinson BC NDP
Coquitlam-Maillardville 60 Nicola Spurling BC Green Party
Courtenay-Comox 61 Courtenay-Comox Gillian Anderson BC Green Party
Courtenay-Comox 62 Brennan Day BC Liberal Party
Courtenay-Comox 63 Ronna-Rae Leonard BC NDP
Cowichan Valley 64 Cowichan Valley Rob Douglas BC NDP
Cowichan Valley 65 Sonia Furstenau BC Green Party
Cowichan Valley 66 Tanya Kaul BC Liberal Party
Delta North 67 Delta North Ravi Kahlon BC NDP
Delta North 68 Neema Manral BC Green Party
Delta North 69 Jet Sunner BC Liberal Party
Delta South 70 Delta South Ian Paton BC Liberal Party
Delta South 71 Bruce Reid BC NDP
Delta South 72 Peter van der Velden BC Green Party
Esquimalt-Metchosin 73 Esquimalt-Metchosin Mitzi Dean BC NDP
Esquimalt-Metchosin 74 Andy MacKinnon BC Green Party
Esquimalt-Metchosin 75 Desta McPherson Independent
Esquimalt-Metchosin 76 RJ Senko BC Liberal Party
Fraser-Nicola 77 Fraser-Nicola Dennis Adamson Independent
Fraser-Nicola 78 Mike Bhangu Independent
Fraser-Nicola 79 Aaron Sumexheltza BC NDP
Fraser-Nicola 80 Jackie Tegart BC Liberal Party
Fraser-Nicola 81 Jonah Timms BC Green Party
Kamloops-North Thompson 82 Kamloops-North Thompson Dennis Giesbrecht Conservative
Kamloops-North Thompson 83 Sadie Hunter BC NDP
Kamloops-North Thompson 84 Thomas Martin BC Green Party
Kamloops-North Thompson 85 Peter Milobar BC Liberal Party
Kamloops-North Thompson 86 Brandon Russell Independent
Kamloops-South Thompson 87 Kamloops-South Thompson Dan Hines BC Green Party
Kamloops-South Thompson 88 Todd Graham Stone BC Liberal Party
Kamloops-South Thompson 89 Anna Thomas BC NDP
Kelowna West 98 Kelowna West Matt Badura Libertarian
Kelowna West 99 Spring Hawes BC NDP
Kelowna West 100 Magee Mitchell Independent
Kelowna West 101 Ben Stewart BC Liberal Party
Kelowna West 102 Peter A. Truch BC Green Party
Kelowna-Lake Country 90 Kelowna-Lake Country Kyle Geronazzo Libertarian
Kelowna-Lake Country 91 John Janmaat BC Green Party
Kelowna-Lake Country 92 Justin Kulik BC NDP
Kelowna-Lake Country 93 Norm Letnick BC Liberal Party
Kelowna-Lake Country 94 Silverado Brooks Socrates Independent
Kelowna-Mission 95 Kelowna-Mission Renee Merrifield BC Liberal Party
Kelowna-Mission 96 Amanda Poon BC Green Party
Kelowna-Mission 97 Krystal Smith BC NDP
Kootenay East 103 Kootenay East Tom Shypitka BC Liberal Party
Kootenay East 104 Wayne Stetski BC NDP
Kootenay East 105 Kerri Wall BC Green Party
Kootenay West 106 Kootenay West Glen Byle Conservative
Kootenay West 107 Katrine Conroy BC NDP
Kootenay West 108 Andrew Duncan BC Green Party
Kootenay West 109 Corbin Kelley BC Liberal Party
Kootenay West 110 Fletcher Quince Independent
Kootenay West 111 Ed Varney Independent
Langford-Juan de Fuca 112 Langford-Juan de Fuca Gord Baird BC Green Party
Langford-Juan de Fuca 113 Kelly Darwin BC Liberal Party
Langford-Juan de Fuca 114 John Horgan BC NDP
Langford-Juan de Fuca 115 Tyson Riel Strandlund Communist Party of BC
Langley 116 Langley Shelly Jan Conservative
Langley 117 Bill Masse BC Green Party
Langley 118 Andrew Mercier BC NDP
Langley 119 Mary Polak BC Liberal Party
Langley East 120 Langley East Megan Dykeman BC NDP
Langley East 121 Alex Joehl Libertarian
Langley East 122 Margaret Kunst BC Liberal Party
Langley East 123 Tara Reeve Independent
Langley East 124 Ryan Warawa Conservative
Langley East 125 Cheryl Wiens BC Green Party
Maple Ridge-Mission 126 Maple Ridge-Mission Bob D'Eith BC NDP
Maple Ridge-Mission 127 Chelsa Meadus BC Liberal Party
Maple Ridge-Mission 128 Matt Trenholm BC Green Party
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows 129 Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Cheryl Ashlie BC Liberal Party
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows 130 Lisa Beare BC NDP
Mid Island-Pacific Rim 131 Mid Island-Pacific Rim Robert Alexander Clarke Libertarian
Mid Island-Pacific Rim 132 Graham Hughes Independent
Mid Island-Pacific Rim 133 Evan Jolicoeur BC Green Party
Mid Island-Pacific Rim 134 Josie Osborne BC NDP
Mid Island-Pacific Rim 135 Helen Poon BC Liberal Party
Nanaimo 136 Nanaimo Kathleen Jones BC Liberal Party
Nanaimo 137 Sheila Malcolmson BC NDP
Nanaimo 138 Lia Marie Constance Versaevel BC Green Party
Nanaimo-North Cowichan 139 Nanaimo-North Cowichan Chris Istace BC Green Party
Nanaimo-North Cowichan 140 Duck (don) Paterson BC Liberal Party
Nanaimo-North Cowichan 141 Doug Routley BC NDP
Nechako Lakes 142 Nechako Lakes Margo Maley Independent
Nechako Lakes 143 Jon Rempel Libertarian
Nechako Lakes 144 John Rustad BC Liberal Party
Nechako Lakes 145 Anne Marie Sam BC NDP
Nechako Lakes 146 Dan Stuart Christian Heritage Party of B.C.
Nelson-Creston 147 Nelson-Creston Brittny Anderson BC NDP
Nelson-Creston 148 Nicole Charlwood BC Green Party
Nelson-Creston 149 Tanya Finley BC Liberal Party
Nelson-Creston 150 Terry Tiessen Libertarian
New Westminster 151 New Westminster Lorraine Brett BC Liberal Party
New Westminster 152 Benny Ogden Conservative
New Westminster 153 Cyrus Sy BC Green Party
New Westminster 154 Jennifer Whiteside BC NDP
New Westminster 155 Donald Wilson Libertarian
North Coast 156 North Coast Jody Craven Libertarian
North Coast 157 Roy S Jones Jr BC Liberal Party
North Coast 158 Jennifer Rice BC NDP
North Island 159 North Island Michele Babchuk BC NDP
North Island 160 Norm Facey BC Liberal Party
North Island 161 Alexandra Morton BC Green Party
North Island 162 John Twigg Conservative
North Vancouver-Lonsdale 163 North Vancouver-Lonsdale Lyn Anglin BC Liberal Party
North Vancouver-Lonsdale 164 Christopher Hakes BC Green Party
North Vancouver-Lonsdale 165 Bowinn Ma BC NDP
North Vancouver-Seymour 166 North Vancouver-Seymour Susie Chant BC NDP
North Vancouver-Seymour 167 Harrison Johnston BC Green Party
North Vancouver-Seymour 168 Jane Thornthwaite BC Liberal Party
North Vancouver-Seymour 169 Clayton Welwood Libertarian
Oak Bay-Gordon Head 170 Oak Bay-Gordon Head Florian Castle Communist Party of BC
Oak Bay-Gordon Head 171 Nicole Duncan BC Green Party
Oak Bay-Gordon Head 172 Roxanne Helme BC Liberal Party
Oak Bay-Gordon Head 173 Murray Rankin BC NDP
Parksville-Qualicum 174 Parksville-Qualicum Rob Lyon BC Green Party
Parksville-Qualicum 175 Don Purdey Conservative
Parksville-Qualicum 176 John St John Independent
Parksville-Qualicum 177 Michelle Stilwell BC Liberal Party
Parksville-Qualicum 178 Adam Walker BC NDP
Peace River North 179 Peace River North Trevor Bolin Conservative
Peace River North 180 Dan Davies BC Liberal Party
Peace River North 181 Danielle Monroe BC NDP
Peace River South 182 Peace River South Mike Bernier BC Liberal Party
Peace River South 183 Kathleen Connolly Conservative
Peace River South 184 Cory Grizz Longley BC NDP
Peace River South 185 Dorothy Sharon Smith Wexit BC
Penticton 186 Penticton Dan Ashton BC Liberal Party
Penticton 187 Toni Boot BC NDP
Penticton 188 Keith MacIntyre Libertarian
Penticton 189 Ted Shumaker BC Green Party
Port Coquitlam 190 Port Coquitlam Lewis Clarke Dahlby Libertarian
Port Coquitlam 191 Mike Farnworth BC NDP
Port Coquitlam 192 Erik Minty BC Green Party
Port Coquitlam 193 Mehran Zargham BC Liberal Party
Port Moody-Coquitlam 194 Port Moody-Coquitlam Brandon Fonseca Conservative
Port Moody-Coquitlam 195 Rick Glumac BC NDP
Port Moody-Coquitlam 196 John Latimer BC Green Party
Port Moody-Coquitlam 197 James Robertson BC Liberal Party
Port Moody-Coquitlam 198 Logan Smith Libertarian
Powell River-Sunshine Coast 199 Powell River-Sunshine Coast Kim Darwin BC Green Party
Powell River-Sunshine Coast 200 Nicholas Simons BC NDP
Powell River-Sunshine Coast 201 Sandra Stoddart-Hansen BC Liberal Party
Prince George-Mackenzie 202 Prince George-Mackenzie Joan Atkinson BC NDP
Prince George-Mackenzie 203 Catharine Kendall BC Green Party
Prince George-Mackenzie 204 Dee Kranz Christian Heritage Party of B.C.
Prince George-Mackenzie 205 Mike Morris BC Liberal Party
Prince George-Mackenzie 206 Raymond Rodgers Libertarian
Prince George-Valemount 207 Prince George-Valemount Shirley Bond BC Liberal Party
Prince George-Valemount 208 MacKenzie Kerr BC Green Party
Prince George-Valemount 209 Laura Parent BC NDP
Prince George-Valemount 210 Sean Robson Libertarian
Richmond North Centre 211 Richmond North Centre Jaeden Dela Torre BC NDP
Richmond North Centre 212 Vernon Wang BC Green Party
Richmond North Centre 213 Teresa Wat BC Liberal Party
Richmond South Centre 218 Richmond South Centre Alexa Loo BC Liberal Party
Richmond South Centre 219 Henry Yao BC NDP
Richmond-Queensborough 214 Richmond-Queensborough Earl Einarson BC Green Party
Richmond-Queensborough 215 Kay Hale Conservative
Richmond-Queensborough 216 Jas Johal BC Liberal Party
Richmond-Queensborough 217 Aman Singh BC NDP
Richmond-Steveston 220 Richmond-Steveston Kelly Greene BC NDP
Richmond-Steveston 221 Vince Li Independent
Richmond-Steveston 222 Matt Pitcairn BC Liberal Party
Saanich North and the Islands 223 Saanich North and the Islands Zeb King BC NDP
Saanich North and the Islands 224 Adam Olsen BC Green Party
Saanich North and the Islands 225 Stephen P Roberts BC Liberal Party
Saanich South 226 Saanich South Kate O'Connor BC Green Party
Saanich South 227 Lana Popham BC NDP
Saanich South 228 Rishi Sharma BC Liberal Party
Shuswap 229 Shuswap Greg Kyllo BC Liberal Party
Shuswap 230 Sylvia Lindgren BC NDP
Shuswap 231 Owen Madden BC Green Party
Skeena 232 Skeena Nicole Halbauer BC NDP
Skeena 233 Martin Holzbauer Independent
Skeena 234 Ellis Ross BC Liberal Party
Stikine 235 Stikine Nathan Cullen BC NDP
Stikine 236 Darcy Repen Rural BC Party
Stikine 237 Gordon Sebastian BC Liberal Party
Stikine 238 Rod Taylor Christian Heritage Party of B.C.
Surrey South 259 Surrey South Stephanie Cadieux BC Liberal Party
Surrey South 260 Pauline Greaves BC NDP
Surrey South 261 Tim Ibbotson BC Green Party
Surrey-Cloverdale 239 Surrey-Cloverdale Aisha Rehana Bali Conservative
Surrey-Cloverdale 240 Marvin Hunt BC Liberal Party
Surrey-Cloverdale 241 Rebecca Smith BC Green Party
Surrey-Cloverdale 242 Mike Starchuk BC NDP
Surrey-Cloverdale 243 Marcella Williams Independent
Surrey-Fleetwood 244 Surrey-Fleetwood Jagrup Brar BC NDP
Surrey-Fleetwood 245 Dean McGee BC Green Party
Surrey-Fleetwood 246 Garry Thind BC Liberal Party
Surrey-Green Timbers 247 Surrey-Green Timbers Dilraj Atwal BC Liberal Party
Surrey-Green Timbers 248 Rachna Singh BC NDP
Surrey-Guildford 249 Surrey-Guildford Garry Begg BC NDP
Surrey-Guildford 250 Dave Hans BC Liberal Party
Surrey-Guildford 251 Samuel Kofalt Independent
Surrey-Guildford 252 Jodi Murphy BC Green Party
Surrey-Newton 253 Surrey-Newton Harry Bains BC NDP
Surrey-Newton 254 Paul Boparai BC Liberal Party
Surrey-Newton 255 Asad Syed BC Green Party
Surrey-Panorama 256 Surrey-Panorama Gulzar Cheema BC Liberal Party
Surrey-Panorama 257 Sophie Shrestha B.C. Vision
Surrey-Panorama 258 Jinny Sims BC NDP
Surrey-Whalley 262 Surrey-Whalley Ryan Abbott Communist Party of BC
Surrey-Whalley 263 Jag Bhandari B.C. Vision
Surrey-Whalley 264 Shaukat Khan BC Liberal Party
Surrey-Whalley 265 Bruce Ralston BC NDP
Surrey-White Rock 266 Surrey-White Rock Jason Bax Libertarian
Surrey-White Rock 267 Trevor Halford BC Liberal Party
Surrey-White Rock 268 Beverly (Pixie) Hobby BC Green Party
Surrey-White Rock 269 Megan Knight Independent
Surrey-White Rock 270 Bryn Smith BC NDP
Vancouver-Fairview 271 Vancouver-Fairview George Affleck BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Fairview 272 Sandra Filosof-Schipper Libertarian
Vancouver-Fairview 273 Ian Goldman BC Green Party
Vancouver-Fairview 274 George Heyman BC NDP
Vancouver-False Creek 275 Vancouver-False Creek Brenda Bailey BC NDP
Vancouver-False Creek 276 Naomi Chocyk Libertarian
Vancouver-False Creek 277 Erik Gretland Conservative
Vancouver-False Creek 278 Maayan Kreitzman BC Green Party
Vancouver-False Creek 279 Sam Sullivan BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Fraserview 280 Vancouver-Fraserview George Chow BC NDP
Vancouver-Fraserview 281 David Grewal BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Fraserview 282 Françoise Raunet BC Green Party
Vancouver-Hastings 283 Vancouver-Hastings Gölök Z Buday Libertarian
Vancouver-Hastings 284 Bridget Burns BC Green Party
Vancouver-Hastings 285 Kimball Cariou Communist Party of BC
Vancouver-Hastings 286 Alex Read BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Hastings 287 Niki Sharma BC NDP
Vancouver-Kensington 288 Vancouver-Kensington Mable Elmore BC NDP
Vancouver-Kensington 289 Paul Lepage BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Kensington 290 Nazanin Moghadami BC Green Party
Vancouver-Kensington 291 Salvatore Vetro Independent
Vancouver-Kingsway 292 Vancouver-Kingsway Cole Anderson BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Kingsway 293 Scott Bernstein BC Green Party
Vancouver-Kingsway 294 Adrian Dix BC NDP
Vancouver-Kingsway 295 Karin Litzcke Libertarian
Vancouver-Langara 296 Vancouver-Langara Stephanie Hendy BC Green Party
Vancouver-Langara 297 Michael Lee BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Langara 298 Paul Matthews Libertarian
Vancouver-Langara 299 Tesicca Chi-Ying Truong BC NDP
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant 300 Vancouver-Mount Pleasant Melanie Mark BC NDP
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant 301 Kelly Tatham BC Green Party
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant 302 George Vassilas BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Point Grey 303 Vancouver-Point Grey Mark Bowen BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-Point Grey 304 David Eby BC NDP
Vancouver-Point Grey 305 Devyani Singh BC Green Party
Vancouver-Quilchena 306 Vancouver-Quilchena Michael Barkusky BC Green Party
Vancouver-Quilchena 307 Heather McQuillan BC NDP
Vancouver-Quilchena 308 Andrew Wilkinson BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-West End 309 Vancouver-West End Spencer Chandra Herbert BC NDP
Vancouver-West End 310 Jon Ellacott BC Liberal Party
Vancouver-West End 311 James Marshall BC Green Party
Vancouver-West End 312 Kim McCann Libertarian
Vernon-Monashee 313 Vernon-Monashee Kyle Delfing Conservative
Vernon-Monashee 314 Eric Foster BC Liberal Party
Vernon-Monashee 315 Harwinder Sandhu BC NDP
Vernon-Monashee 316 Keli Westgate BC Green Party
Victoria-Beacon Hill 317 Victoria-Beacon Hill Karen Bill BC Liberal Party
Victoria-Beacon Hill 318 Grace Lore BC NDP
Victoria-Beacon Hill 319 Jenn Neilson BC Green Party
Victoria-Beacon Hill 320 Jordan Reichert Independent
Victoria-Swan Lake 321 Victoria-Swan Lake Rob Fleming BC NDP
Victoria-Swan Lake 322 Annemieke Holthuis BC Green Party
Victoria-Swan Lake 323 Walt Parsons Communist Party of BC
Victoria-Swan Lake 324 Jenn Smith Independent
Victoria-Swan Lake 325 David Somerville BC Liberal Party
West Vancouver-Capilano 326 West Vancouver-Capilano Amelia Hill BC NDP
West Vancouver-Capilano 327 Karin Kirkpatrick BC Liberal Party
West Vancouver-Capilano 328 Rasoul Narimani BC Green Party
West Vancouver-Capilano 329 Anton Shendryk Independent
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky 330 West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Keith Murdoch BC NDP
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky 331 Jordan Sturdy BC Liberal Party
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky 332 Jeremy Valeriote BC Green Party