Nomination Contestants

Nomination contestants are individuals who seek to be a candidate representing a registered political party and have applied with the political party to participate in a nomination contest. The individual is a nomination contestant whether or not any other individual seeks that nomination. This includes those who are acclaimed or directly appointed.

Requirements for Political Parties

Registered political parties are required to file a nomination contestant information report within 14 days of the end of a nomination contest. This report must disclose the beginning and end date of the contest, the contact information of all nomination contestants, including those contestants who withdrew and the name of the contestant being endorsed by the party.

Requirements for Nomination Contestants

Within 90 days of the end of the contest, all nomination contestants must submit nomination contestant financing reports. The end of a nomination contest is the date the contestant is selected to be a candidate, regardless of whether a contest is held or the contestant is acclaimed or directly appointed.

Nomination contestants must appoint an individual to act as their financial agent or act as their own financial agent. The financial agent may also appoint deputy financial agent to help with accepting political contributions.

All financial transactions in relation to the nomination contest must go through a separate contest account. If you have issues opening an account, Elections BC provides a letter that you can take to your saving institutions about contest accounts.

See the nomination contest forms on our Forms page for more information.