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Provincial Electoral Financial Reports

The Election Act and the Recall and Initiative Act both require participants to file financial reports with Elections BC.

Financial disclosure reports, including amendments to original reports, filed with Elections BC since 2004 are scanned and are available for viewing through the Financial Reports and Political Contributions (FRPC) system.

Annual Financial Reports

By March 31 of each year, registered political parties and registered constituency associations must file annual financial reports for the previous calendar year. These reports include information about contributions and other income received, expenditures, and assets and liabilities of the organization.

Election Financing Reports

Provincial candidates, registered political parties, registered constituency associations and election advertising sponsors must file financial reports following each election in which they participated. The election financing reports include information on contributions and other income and expenditures associated with the election.

Leadership Contestant Financing Reports

Individuals who seek the leadership of registered political parties must file leadership contestant financing reports which also disclose information on contributions and expenditures. For contests that occur after May 2015, a leadership contestant is not required to file a financing report if the leader is acclaimed and there are no financial transactions to report.

Deregistration Financial Reports

Political parties and constituency associations that deregister must file financial reports within six months of deregistration.

Recall and Initiative Reports

Under the Recall and Initiative Act, authorized participants and advertising sponsors for recall petitions, initiative petitions and initiative votes file financing reports similar to those filed by election participants.