Voting Modernization

With changes to the Election Act in November 2019, Elections BC is working to modernize the voting process for the next scheduled provincial election in 2021.

The changes include using electronic tabulators to count paper ballots, and laptops to look up voters and cross them off the voters list. The changes do not include online voting or the use of electronic voting machines.

Voting modernization will make voting faster and more accessible. It will also speed up results reporting and provide timely information to support get-out-the-vote efforts.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved service through a first come, first served model, reducing wait times at voting places
  • More timely provision of voter participation data
    • Real-time strike-off for most voters
    • Close to real-time participation data from most voting opportunities
  • Faster results
    • Almost all votes counted on election night, and
    • Initial results reported shortly after the close of voting for most voting locations.

If a provincial election is called before the scheduled date in 2021, it will not feature these changes. Elections BC will keep the public informed about how voting will be administered in the next election as this work progresses.