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Non-election Assent Voting

Assent voting is voting on a bylaw or another matter for which a local government is required to obtain the assent of the electors. Assent voting is sometimes referred to as a “referendum” and can be held with a local election or on its own. Non-election assent voting occurs when the assent voting is held at a different time than the election.

Elections BC oversees advertising rules for local elections assent voting in B.C., including registering advertising sponsors. Local governments administer all other aspects of local elections assent voting.

Assent voting advertising during a local election is called third party advertising. For more information about third party advertising, see the Guide for Local Elections Third Party Sponsors in B.C. (PDF) and our Local Advertising Sponsors page.

Non-election assent voting advertising is any advertising that promotes or opposes, directly or indirectly, a particular outcome for the vote during a non-election assent voting proceedings period. The non-election assent voting proceedings period begins 30 days before General Voting Day for the non-election assent voting and ends at the close of general voting.

Elections BC helps non-election assent voting advertising sponsors understand the rules under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

Among other requirements, all non-election assent voting advertising sponsors must:

  • Register with Elections BC before sponsoring any advertising.
  • Include sponsorship information on non-election assent voting advertising. Sponsorship information includes:
    • the sponsor’s name,
    • a B.C. phone number, B.C. mailing address or an email address,
    • the words “authorized by”, and
    • the words “registered sponsor under LECFA”.
  • File a disclosure statement with Elections BC within 90 days after General Voting Day.

For more information about the rules, read the Guide for Local Non-election Assent Voting Advertising Sponsors in B.C. (PDF) or visit our Local Elections FAQs.

Tools for non-election assent voting advertising sponsors

Current non-election assent voting dates and information

Past non-election assent voting events

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