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Local Elections Campaign Financing

General Local Elections

Elections BC’s Role in Local Elections

Elections BC does not administer voting or nominations for local elections.

Elections BC administers campaign financing and advertising rules for local elections and assent voting in B.C. under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.

For more information about the administration of local elections and assent voting read the Local Elections FAQs.

Local elections: who does what?

Unlike provincial elections, local government elections in B.C. are not run by one single entity. Elections BC is one of several authorities that play a role in local general elections, by-elections and assent voting.


If you have questions about… Contact…
Voting and ballots Local Chief Election Officers
Nomination process Local Chief Election Officers
Advertising rules Elections BC
Campaign financing and disclosure rules Elections BC
School trustees/school board elections The Ministry of Education
Legislation for local elections Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing