New Lesson Plan: Media Literacy for Secondary School Students

Learn how to identify and counter election disinformation with our new lesson plan for grade 9 – 12 students (created in partnership with MediaSmarts).

The lesson plan—”Media Literacy for the 2024 Provincial General Election in B.C.”—contains four modules that can be completed in any order (in part or in full), allowing educators to choose the most-relevant activities for their students:

  • Your Information Ecosystem: In this activity, students analyze the quality of their information ecosystem and develop ways that they and the people who rely on them can improve it.
  • Recognizing Election Disinformation: This activity introduces students to frequently encountered “tropes” of election-related disinformation and provides practice in recognizing them.
  • Digital Ad Targeting: In this activity, students learn about how advertising on social networks is targeted based on users’ personal information, and investigate how that is used by political parties and interest groups.
  • Recognizing Polarizing Content: This activity teaches students how to recognize election-related misinformation based on the ways it provokes polarizing emotions.

Visit our Educational Resources page to download the lesson plan in English or French and brush up on your media literacy skills for the 2024 Provincial Election.