Bulletin: Statement by the Chief Electoral Officer

March 6, 2017


VICTORIA – Elections BC is reviewing information regarding indirect political contributions and other potential contraventions of the Election Act that were recently made public through the media.

These alleged contraventions include indirect political contributions and making or accepting political contributions improperly. Elections BC takes any potential contravention of the Election Act seriously and will be investigating this matter further.

Section 186 of the Election Act outlines restrictions on making political contributions, including prohibiting indirect political contributions (that is, making a contribution with the money, property or services of another).

Section 190 requires financial agents to record specific information about each contribution, including the class of each contributor. The classes are identified as individuals, corporations, unincorporated organizations engaged in business or commercial activity, trade unions, non-profit organizations and other contributors.

The scope of Elections BC’s investigation into this matter is open-ended and will depend on how our review progresses. Following our investigation, this matter may be forwarded to the Criminal Justice Branch of the Ministry of Justice if it appears that the Election Act has been contravened.

The penalties upon conviction for violating the election financing provisions of the Election Act are a fine of not more than $10,000, imprisonment for a term of not longer than one year, or both.

Keith Archer, Ph.D.
Chief Electoral Officer
British Columbia


Media contact:
Andrew Watson
Manager, Communications
Elections BC
Phone: 250-387-1709
Email: Andrew.Watson@elections.bc.ca
Website: elections.bc.ca