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Advertising Restrictions

Where and when election signs may be placed

Elections BC does not regulate where and when signs may be placed. However, local governments have the authority to regulate the size, placement, maintenance and removal of signs and other forms of public advertising. Contact your local government for more information about election sign bylaws in your area.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regulates sign placement on provincial highways. Please refer to the Ministry’s policy at

Important safety note: placing election signs by digging or driving stakes into the ground can pose a safety hazard to sign installers and to underground infrastructure (such as gas lines and other utilities). Before placing election signs, you may wish to contact BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 to determine if there are risks in your area. This service is free of charge and is not associated with Elections BC.

Authority to remove third party advertising

If third party advertising does not include the required sponsorship information, or is conducted by an unregistered third party sponsor, Elections BC may require that the advertising be:

  • corrected
  • discontinued
  • covered
  • obscured
  • removed
  • destroyed

Campaigning restrictions on General Voting Day

An individual or organization must not transmit third party advertising to the public on General Voting Day (GVD), except:

  • advertising on the internet as long as the advertising was transmitted to the public before GVD and was not changed before the close of voting
  • advertising by means of signs, posters or banners
  • distributing pamphlets
  • advertising on the internet that is for the sole purpose of encouraging voters to vote

Permitted on General Voting Day

Not permitted on General Voting Day

  • using free social media
  • person-to-person interactions, such as phone calls, emails, text messages, etc.
  • placing signs or distributing brochures outside of 100 metres from a voting place
  • third party advertising on the internet as long as the advertising was not changed on GVD or is solely to encourage voters to vote
  • campaign meetings or rallies outside of 100 metres from a voting place
  • scheduling paid ads on the internet, including paid social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • automated voice calls (robocalls) and automated text messages
  • placing signs or distributing brochures within 100 metres of a voting place
  • television, radio or newspaper ads

Third party advertising is never permitted within 100 metres of a voting place while voting is being conducted.

For more information about the 100 metre rules, please contact your local authority.