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Campaign financing for candidates

The Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA) includes:

The campaign financing rules create accountability and transparency by requiring financial agents to record and disclose detailed information about financial and non-financial activities. This includes campaign contributions, election expenses, and other deposits and expenditures related to a campaign.

Campaign financing periods

There are two campaign financing periods: the election period and the campaign period.

Election period

For general local elections, the election period begins on January 1st of the general local election year and ends at the beginning of the campaign period. For by-elections, the election period starts on the day the office becomes vacant.

Campaign period

For general local elections or by-elections, the campaign period begins on the 28th day before General Voting Day (GVD) and ends at the close of voting.

Filing period

The disclosure statement filing deadline is 90 days after GVD. However, a disclosure statement may be filed late, before the late filing deadline of 120 days after GVD, if a late filing fee of $500 is paid. Failure to file a disclosure statement is an offence.

Campaign financing periods

Campaign financing periods