Vote PopUp

A toolkit for community organizations and local leaders to support voter engagement.

Vote PopUp is a fun voter simulation activity for community organizations and local leaders who want to help people in their community:

  • Learn about the voting process in B.C.
  • Get ready to vote in the 2024 Provincial Election
  • Connect their concerns and hopes to the 2024 Provincial Election
  • Build a culture of engagement

Vote PopUp is hosted by the Democratic Engagement Exchange. They created a Vote PopUp toolkit and offer training for staff and volunteers interested in hosting a Vote PopUp in their community. The toolkit includes everything you need to engage your community in the upcoming election including:

  • Supplies to create a simulated voting place (ballot box, voting screen, ballots and more)
  • Posters and sticky notes
  • A guide to help you plan and host a Vote PopUp
  • Resources from Elections BC about provincial elections

How to participate in Vote PopUp for the 2024 Provincial Election:

  • Step 1: Check out resources and training available from The Democratic Engagement Exchange.
  • Step 2: Pre-order your free Vote PopUp toolkit.
  • Step 3 (Optional): Attend an on-line or in-person training session to help you prepare to host a Vote PopUp.

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